Lenzerheide – Biathlon Arena seminar supporting programme

Supporting programme

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Introductory biathlon course
Experience the fascination of biathlon! The focus and precision when shooting combined with the stamina and power needed to ski cross-country (in winter) or ride a bicycle (in summer). This makes biathlon a challenge for body and mind.


Digital scavenger hunt
Go on a digital scavenger hunt with your team. Discover the Biathlon Arena Lenzerheide and get to know the biathlon sport better. The scavenger hunt can be done in different groups of up to five people. Which is the fastest team?


A look behind the scenes
First there was a dream – #biathlonworldcuplenzerheide!
This was followed by the construction of the biathlon facility and the Nordic House, and then the first competitions took place. Join us on our journey to #biathlonworldcuplenzerheide. We will explain step by step how we are making our dream come true.


Drinks party
Our region has much to offer in culinary terms. Let yourself be surprised by our drinks party selection – simply Graubünden!


Quan barbecue
A special open-air barbecue experience – the fireplace for being spoilt or for cooking yourself.